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Unique people have unique lives. This is why Isil and me met a few years ago at a Live Your Legend Meetup in Munich, the community that Scott Dinsmore founded in San Francisco. Isil asked me if she could interview me for her wonderful podcast Unique Careers, Unique Lives. It is all about unique people, unique lives, and unique careers. I said yes and was overwhelmed by the atmosphere that Isil created and by the quality of questions she asked me. She had told me there was no need to prepare, we would just talk.


And it was exactly like this


We had an energetic conversation and learned a lot from each other. Even though, I was the one who replied to most of the questions, Isil sent a lot of energy back to me and added many very fruitful insights and impulses. So, time was flying and I totally forgot that everything was recorded. I have talked a lot and might have made some confessions which I wouldn’t have made in a more formal situation with somebody not as heart warming as Isil. So, what you can experience by listening to our conversation is the real Gaby Feile, who truly spoke from her heart. Just as the headline says, that Isil beautifully created.


Here’s what Isil says why you should listen to this episode:


First of all for some energy – I believe energy is contagious and Gaby has a lot of it – that will definitely inspire you. How one changes careers, how one finds an idea for a business, what happens if you quit your job without any alternatives and money, how do you gain clarity about your vision and mission? If any of this questions intrigued you – you should listen to this episode.


>Click right here to read the episode notes and to listen to the full conversation.


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